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Drawing is not my forte therefore most of my artwork will be photoshopped. I am compeletly and utterly obsessed with Harry Potter, Downton Abbey and Once Upon A Time. I also like Phantom of the Opera. The 1943 version is my favorite. I'm also very much a fan of Jane Austen.
My sister and I have been discussing Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland a lot recently. I've noticed some things that don't quiet match up and a theory or two has popped out of this. 
So 'let's start at the very beginning'

True Love's Kiss-
We've been beaten over the head with 'true love's kiss can break any curse' 'true love is the most powerful magic of all' in Once Upon a Time. And so far, that's been pretty true. It woke up Snow, Aurora, Charming and Henry in OUAT. Now in OUATiW Ana's "curse" (is this really a curse, because it seems like a spell to me, but I guess being forced to love someone is a curse) is broken by Will- once again with the whole "true love's kiss can break any spell". However, when Will got his heart back he was still cursed to be a genie and the two kissed. He was still a genie. So do genie curses not count? Does the curse have to have been enacted by someone whose not some sort of fate? 

Genies- In the second or third episode of OUATiW, we see Alice meet Cyrus. She asked if she can just wish him free. Cyrus says that someone tried that and it didn't end well for anyone. Because my darling Jafar is now a genie, I was disappointed when I rewatched this episode. Then yesterday I remembered Sydney Glass. Sydney was a genie from Agrabah (possibly Aladdin's genie, but I think he was just a random one because one would hope Aladdin still held up his end of the bargain in OUAT) when King Leopold found him. King Leopold wished the genie free and he was freed (though "all magic comes with a price" and Leopold later died because of this, Sydney was still freed). So I have two theories about this. 

One- You can only wish a genie free if they were born a genie. This would make some sense I suppose. If a fate decides someone should "serve the will of others" then a mere mortal should not be able to free them, however I like my second theory better. 

Two- Only someone who has a pure heart can wish a genie free. That's not quiet accurate, but it's less wordy than what I actually mean. Basically, Leopold freed Sydney out of the goodness of his heart, not for any other reason. He just legitimately wanted the man to be happy. Not to say that Alice wanting Cyrus free is wrong, but wishing Cyrus free would benefit her (I don't know the story of that other person, maybe they were in love with Cyrus too. With a face like his it's possible). So theoretically anyone could wish a genie free, but most people would just take their wishes. So let's say Jafar's lamp washes up in Storybrooke. Who would free him? Actually really any of the Charming's would, except probably Emma and Henry because they've seen Aladdin. Regina might, Belle might, David might, but I'm thinking Snow. Snow, like her father, would just want Jafar to be happy (and let's be real if Jafar pulled a sob story on Snow she would wish him free in a heart-beat). 

Those are my comments. Let me know what you think. Do I have a point? Or are these just continuity errors? Give me your thoughts.

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